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WWE News: Matt Hardy spotted outside WWE HQ

Matt Hardy visits the WWE Headquarters to find a friend.

A moment of the TNA Impact! special, Delete or Decay

Matt Hardy, one-half of the Hardy Boyz who made their name in WWE with their high flying antics and their affection for bringing ladders into the ring, was recently spotted reportedly looking for Senor Benjamin at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

He tweeted a picture of himself outside the WWE building with the caption that Vince McMahon, who he and some of his fans regularly refer to on twitter as MeekMahan, could benefit from acquiring Senor Benjamin from the Decay who had kidnapped him on September 8th’s episode of TNA.

Leading up to the kidnapping, the episode of TNA Impact saw a lot of shenanigans as the TNA Tag Team Champions, the Decay, comprising of Crazzy Steve and Abyss along with Rosemary, invaded the Hardy compound to fight the Hardy Boyz: Broken Matt, Jeff and Reby Sky in a cinematic style fight as we have come to occasionally expect from TNA at present.

The usual tropes like the randomly placed ladders, props that double as things to hide under and using roman candles as if they were rocket launchers have made both fans and critics to question what goes on inside Billy Corgan’s head.

Matt Hardy posted a ‘missing’ poster for Senor Benjamin on twitter soon after he was kidnapped by the Decay and called out for a search party promoting the ongoing rivalry and events of TNA to his followers. More recently, after posting various updates on his twitter page about the search for Senor Benjamin, he posted the image of him outside the WWE HQ looking for Benjamin and mentioned that he “combed MeekMahan’s grounds”.

The Hardy Boys were fan favorites in WWE until Matt and Jeff left the promotion in 2010 and 2009 respectively. As part of Team Xtreme, they had teamed up with Lita in the early 2000’s and had a regular feud with the Dudley Boyz and the team of Edge and Christian. More often than not, the superstars would be leaping off of ladders, putting their opponents through tables or crushing heads with steel chairs.

Their popularity died down around 2006 when they split up to follow solo careers in WWE before both of them finally left WWE by 2010 to join TNA. Their current gimmick is that of Broken Matt and Brother Nero who live in the Hardy Compound.

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