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WWE News:  Matt Hardy teases the Woken Hardy's with latest tweet

They may not be broken yet, but it seems like they became a word that rhymes with broken...

News 04 Aug 2017, 11:21 IST


When will the Hardys be BROKEN?

What's the story?

Matt Hardy took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to make a proclamation all while posting an interview from after their match on Monday Night Raw. Check out Matt's tweet below:

In case you didn't know...

The broken gimmick created by Matt Hardy debuted in May of last year after Jeff had defeated him in an "I Quit" Match on Impact Wrestling.

While the gimmick was originally intended to make Matt a heel in his quest to get rid of Brother Nero (Jeff), the fans quickly loved the persona because of its originality, and he would eventually turn face.

The heart of the matter

The "Woken" Hardy's mannerisms from the backstage interview come just a few days after the announcement that the United States Patent and Trademark Office gave Global Force Wrestling an initial refusal on four of the trademarks centred around the Broken Hardy's gimmick.

Considering that they have used a clever word to rhyme with broken, they might be playing it safe until they are fully approved for the trademarks. Part of the reason why the patent office rejected Global Force Wrestling's patent was that Matt Hardy filed the trademark for "Broken Matt Hardy" first.

What's next?

The Hardy's are currently embroiled in a feud with both The Club (Gallows and Anderson) and The Revival. While it seems that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will be the SummerSlam challengers for the RAW Tag Team Champions (Sheamus and Cesaro), there may be a triple threat with the other feuding three teams to determine the next one in line after SummerSlam.

Author's take

I think it's WONDERFUL (a common Broken Matt Hardy word) that the Hardy's have woken, and think it is a clever way to get around the word "broken" until there is a final legal decision. However, I feel like the Hardy's are going to win the case in the end and then all of us pro wrestling fans will win as well.

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