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WWE News: Matt Hardy to become Broken?

Greg Bush
6.78K   //    08 Mar 2018, 13:52 IST

Could Woken Matt Hardy become Broken once again?

What's the story?

Since his change into the Woken One, Matt Hardy has been teasing the idea of bringing the rest of his Broken Universe into the WWE.

However, it looks like Hardy may take it one step further, and could become truly 'Broken'.

In case you didn't know...

When Matt Hardy returned at Wrestlemania 33 with his brother Jeff, fans wondered if he could ever bring over the character that took the wrestling world by storm in 2016, Broken Matt.

After teasing the gimmick for a year, throwing out an occasional "Delete!" or "Obsolete!" here or there, Hardy gained the rights to his old gimmick from Anthem, and immediately became "Woken."

While he wasn't exactly the same Matt Hardy we knew in TNA, he began bringing in more and more pieces from the Broken Universe. Recently, Vanguard 1 made its WWE debut, along with the Hardy Compound, which is where the next Final Deletion will take place.

But until now, Matt Hardy has only been "Woken." However, that may change soon.

The heart of the matter

Matt Hardy took to Twitter on March 7th to announce that a change in his character may be coming soon.

It seems that the "Woken Warriors" that follow Matt Hardy will soon become the "Broken Warriors" as Matt Hardy looks to fully integrate his Broken Universe into the WWE.

What's next?

Matt Hardy will take on Bray Hardy in the first Final Deletion match to take place since Hardy's departure from TNA/GFW last year.

While the rivalry between the bizarre duo hasn't exactly lived up to expectations, Hardy bringing in Vanguard 1, King Maxel, Señor Benjamin and the rest of his Broken characters could bring life to this feud.

Author's take

Broken Matt Hardy was one of the greatest success stories to take place in 2016. After being considered the Marty Jannetty of the Hardy Boyz, it was great to see Matt finally come into his own.

When he came back to the WWE, fans were clamoring for Matt Hardy to transform into the Broken version of himself that we all know and love.

And while it's been a slow progression, it looks like we may finally get this in 2018, and it will be "Wonderful."

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