WWE News: Matt Hardy wants a match with Roman Reigns before retirement

Matt Hardy has a match with Roman Reigns on his bucket list.
Matt Hardy has a match with Roman Reigns on his bucket list.
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What's the story?

Matt Hardy recently visited India to help promote WWE as well as crash an episode of Indian Idol.

While in India, he spoke with about many things, including having a match with the Big Dog, Roman Reigns, before he retires.

In case you missed it...

Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff are future Hall-of-Famers who helped revolutionize tag team wrestling since the early 2000s. Their ladder matches and various other matches in promotions throughout the world have increased their star power. Hardy's creation of his 'Broken Matt Hardy' character was so popular that it led to a return to the WWE.

The Hardys returned at Wrestlemania 33 and won the Raw Tag Team titles. It took a while, but 'Broken' Matt eventually became 'Woken' Matt Hardy.

He won the tag team titles with Bray Wyatt as the Deleters of Worlds but had to drop them due to Hardy suffering an injury.

In his time off, Hardy has been giving many interviews and travelling with his family.

The heart of the matter

In the interview, Matt mentioned that there was a dream match for him still left unfinished: a match with 'the Big Dog'. carried a piece of Hardy's interview:

“I would say that one person that I would be dreaming before retirement because I haven’t got a chance to work with him. Now he’s gonna be gone for a little bit in future…it’ll be Roman Reigns. He is kind of a guy that WWE built around and I do I like him a lot as a person consider my friend. So I would love to have a Matt Hardy vs. Roman Reigns match before retirement.”

Hardy has faced a lot of the biggest stars in wrestling history but has yet to cross paths in a match with Roman or his former Shield mates.

What's next?

Matt is nearing the end of his in-ring career and him mentioning wanting to fight Reigns before he retires is a small sign of that. Hardy obviously has a future ahead of him as a booker, producer or even writer for WWE or another promotion.

His creation of 'Broken' Matt Hardy and all the storylines that became of it helped save Impact Wrestling from Dixie Carter.

He has a mind for the business and it only makes sense that he would want to wrestle the wrestler who has been the focal point of WWE for the last four years.

Both wrestlers are out of action for different reasons, but a showdown between the two could certainly happen once both men are cleared for action.

Good luck to both men in their efforts and hopefully they'll be able to fight down the road.

Did you know a major backstage fight erupted during WrestleMania 32? More details right here.

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