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WWE News: Former UFC star doesn't want to come to WWE and may sign with Impact Wrestling

The former UFC star says that he wishes to work more on the independent circuit before signing up with the juggernaut promotion.

News 18 May 2017, 21:25 IST
Matt Riddle feels like there’s work left for him on the independent circuit

What’s the story?

Former UFC fighter and WWN Champion Matt Riddle recently sat down for an interview with Ring Rust Radio. During the interview, Riddle spoke about how he does not want to sign up with WWE right now, due to the amount of fresh talent that is currently trying to make its way up the company’s roster.

Riddle also said that he didn’t feel ready for the WWE yet and had other goals on his bucket list before he attempted a move there, such as wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The full interview can be heard below:

In case you didn’t know...

Matt Riddle is well known for being a former Middleweight and Welterweight UFC fighter. He was signed up by the UFC after he entered the Ultimate Fighter show. He was a part of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s team on the show.

Riddle went on to build a formidable record with the MMA promotion until he was tested positive for marijuana on two separate occasions and had two of his victories overturned as a result. Riddle’s MMA record stands at 8 wins and 3 losses, with 2 no-contests. 

His marijuana usage would end up being a major issue for the UFC and was one of the reasons why he was let go from the promotion.

Riddle has since turned to professional wrestling and currently wrestles for EVOLVE, Progress (where he is the Atlas Champion), World Wrestling Network and WhatCulture Pro Wrestling promotions on the independent circuit. Impact Wrestling are also said to be in talks for signing him up to a contract.

The heart of the matter

During the interview, Riddle was asked whether he’d be open to working with the WWE in the future. Riddle, who had once accused the WWE of not being interested in him due to his marijuana usage, replied by stating the following:

“I just don’t want to go to WWE this second. They have so much talent on their roster and so much going on. I am not saying things won’t change, but right now I am working in the Indies and building my reputation.

Riddle further elaborated on his goal of signing up with New Japan and spoke about waiting for a few years until he made his WWE debut and avoiding NXT altogether:

“I am doing great things, but ideally for the resume checking off New Japan is my goal. Maybe in the next few years, maybe five, then I can debut in WWE and make it a big deal.

I would go straight into the big show, no NXT. Nothing against NXT, but I have done UFC and a fair amount of the indies.”

Riddle then stated that he would learn “ten times” more in the indies in his current position than he would do in the WWE and admitted that he wasn’t ready for the big leagues just yet.

What’s next?

Matt Riddle is still working on the independent circuit and as stated in the interview, is looking forward to signing up with NJPW sometime soon. As far as the WWE are concerned, they seem to be in no rush for signing the former MMA star right now despite their initial interest in him

Author’s take

It is good to see Matt Riddle show some level-headed clarity regarding his own career and the path he wishes to take for his future. I completely agree with the approach of waiting it out in the indies until your name is big enough for the WWE to come calling themselves.

Riddle is right about there being too much talent on the WWE roster right now, and for a fresh young talent like him, it would be very easy to get lost in the shuffle for certain. Riddle will definitely come to the WWE one day, but not anytime soon. Here’s wishing him all the best for his future!

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