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WWE News: Mecha Wolf (Mr. 450) issues statement on recent issue

Elliott Binks
1.33K   //    08 Aug 2017, 16:54 IST

Mr. 450
Mr. 450 wrestled in the WWE previously

What’s the story?

Hot on the heels of his Twitter back-and-forth with WWE’s Mustafa Ali, the former Mr. 450 - real name John Yurnet and now known as The Mecha Wolf - has issued a statement regarding recently resurfaced allegations of domestic violence.

In his statement, Yurnet gives his side of the story, whilst also shedding further light on what sounds like a fairly tumultuous past with his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Snow. Check out the full statement at the following link.

In case you didn’t know…

This past week, Yurnet was the target of a lengthy Twitter rant from WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali, in which Ali referenced a number of issues from Yurnet’s past, including accusations of domestic violence.

Those particular allegations stem back to an incident from this year’s WrestleMania weekend, where Yurnet was involved in an argument with his then-girlfriend Snow, that led to her claiming he “grabbed her by the throat and attempted to choke her.”

However, it’s worth noting that while Orlando police investigated the matter, no warrant was issued for Yurnet’s arrest.

The heart of the matter

There’s a lot to digest from Yurnet’s statement—including claims that she stole his PlayStation 4 and other belongings, as well as a throwaway comment about tattooing crude images on people—but the crux of the matter is as follows. -

Yurnet suspected his girlfriend of cheating on him with fellow wrestler Shannon Moore and so he decided to end the relationship during WrestleMania weekend. An argument then ensued, after which Snow revealed bruises on her neck and claimed that Yurnet had choked her in a hotel elevator.

Yurnet, however, cites Snow’s Jiu Jitsu training as the reason for her bruises before noting that he travelled to Australia a few weeks later—something he would’ve been unable to do had he been guilty of any crimes in the States.

What's next?

Presumably, this one isn’t over yet. While Yurnet’s statement was designed to clear his name regarding the domestic violence accusations, he made a number of further inflammatory remarks about his relationship with Snow.

Don’t be surprised to see yet another retort from his ex-girlfriend, and one that's unlikely to pull any punches.

Author’s take

This whole issue’s all very unsavoury, and while Yurnet is indeed trying to clear his own name here, in some ways he’s only adding fuel to the fire by further sullying Snow’s reputation with a number of peripheral accusations.

Still, after all the mudslinging, that’s rightly or wrongly been aimed at Yurnet, it’s only fair he gets the chance to have his own say in all this.

You just get the feeling he could have stuck to the point rather than bringing up issues like who paid for whose merchandise during WrestleMania weekend and who stole whose clothes and belongings.

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