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WWE News: Mia Yim explains her unique friendship with Shelton Benjamin

Greg Bush
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:31 IST

Mia Yim and Shelton Benjamin have an odd relationship
Mia Yim and Shelton Benjamin have an odd relationship

What's the story?

If you follow Mia Yim on Twitter, odds are you've seen the banter that she and Shelton Benjamin dish out on a regular basis. The two superstars like to play up the idea that they can't stand each other, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

In case you didn't know...

Mia Yim competed in this year's Mae Young Classic, making it all the way to the quarterfinals before being knocked out of the tournament by Toni Storm. Afterwards, Yim was signed to NXT. Earlier on in the tournament, after her first win against Allysin Kay, she was interviewed backstage alongside her "acquaintance" Shelton Benjamin. 

Benjamin and Yim repeated multiple times that they are not friends. Yim would continue to play off of this in an interview after being signed to the company, with her first words being, "I can finally ruin Shelton's life forever, 24/7."

However, it's clear to see that these two share a special bond, and Yim had a chance to discuss their friendship earlier this week.

The heart of the matter

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Post, Yim had a chance to talk about working alongside her roommates, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke, and her time in the indies. When the topic of Shelton Benjamin came up, Yim couldn't help but laugh. She talked about first meeting him in 2011, bonding over chicken wings, and that he's always been like an older brother to her.

She went on to say, though, that Benjamin was there for her during one of the most trying times in her life.

After one of my relationships, the domestic violence one, he was there throughout the entire thing. He was there if I needed a place to hide away. He would make sure that I would have a place and would come get me if anything were to happen.

Yim finished up the topic by admitting how much she cares for Benjamin, but couldn't help ending the praise with a bit of an insult.

So even though we banter and we go back and forth, it's all full of love. We have each other's back. He is someone I would keep in my life even after wrestling. He's still a piece of sh** though. (laughs)

You can check out her full interview with Pro Wrestling Post here. Yim delves into her favorite matches, playing volleyball, and a special moment she shared with Keith Lee.

What's next?

Mia Yim is now an NXT Superstar after signing on following the Mae Young Classic. Yim recently debuted for NXT, facing off against Aliyah. 

Yim will continue to climb the ranks in NXT's women's division, and will more than likely find herself with a title around her waist sooner rather than later. We can only hope that, when that does inevitably happen, she takes time in her victory speech to rib Shelton Benjamin.

Published 28 Oct 2018, 21:03 IST
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