WWE News: Mick Foley names two superstars who he thinks deserve to be in the Hall of Fame

Mick Foley names two stars that the WWE Universe want to see in the Hall of Fame
Mick Foley names two stars that the WWE Universe want to see in the Hall of Fame

What's the story?

The Class of 2018 is definitely filling up now, but it seems that the WWE Universe are not the only ones who believe that there are some names missing from the group.

Harcore legend Mick Foley recently shared his thoughts on who he thought deserved a place amongst the elite of wrestling.

In case you didn't know...

The 2018 Hall of Fame class is now seemingly full with names like The Dudley Boys, Goldberg and Ivory becoming immortalized on April 6th.

It seems that whilst all the stars in this year's class deserve their place, there are a number of other names that the WWE Universe thought would be added this year.

The latest inductee was announced this week on the celebrity wing as Kid Rock which hasn't gone down as well with the WWE Universe as the company obviously expected it to.

The heart of the matter

Mick Foley is a WWE Hall of Famer and recently appeared alongside Tommy Dreamer on Busted Open Radio where he revealed two names that he thought that deserved a place in the class.

These two names are ones that the WWE Universe have been pushing for over the past few years, but it seems that an advocate like Foley pushing them forward could be the added boost that the company needs to see sense.

"Vader was so dominant not only in WCW. He'd be the first one to tell you if he'd come into the attitude era in WWE, I think he would have been amazing. But they had him from the get go running away from people. I remember I'd drive with him and he'd be like 'I'm Vader and I'm running away,' he just seemed to have so many people in his ear trying to tell him how to do Vader. But he had done it successfully all over the world,

Vader has recently revealed that he needs heart surgery after a run of bad news when it comes to his health, so fans are now hoping more than ever that the former star is given the place he deserves in the near future.

"I like the fact Chyna is being mentioned, that she is being shown in clips. I would love to see her in (the hall of fame). I know how much it would mean to her mom. I tell people that you can't let that one decision dictate to you if your career was a success." 

Chyna was the female that many fans thought would be put into the class this year, but Ivory was given the nod instead, so it is hoped that the Ninth Wonder Of The World is instead given her posthumous induction at some point in the future.

Foley also mentioned that he didn't think being in the Hall of Fame was the principal measuring stick for a wrestling career, but he thought that these two stars deserved to be part of WWE's version.

What's next?

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place on Friday, April 6th, two days before this year's WrestleMania and will see the likes of The Dudley Boys, Goldberg, Ivory and Hillbilly Jim given their places in wrestling history.

Author's take

Vader and Chyna are two stars that have been overlooked now for a long time.

Vader's health has been deteriorating for a while whilst Chyna's passing was a huge shock to the wrestling community and it was thought that this would push WWE into honouring her legacy.

These are definitely two names who deserve to be in the class, but it's sadly up to WWE officials to chose the members of the Hall of Fame and not the WWE Universe.

Edited by Alan John
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