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WWE News: Mick Foley tweets about his in-ring botch on Raw tonight

Foley announced a big WWE Universal title match at the Royal Rumble with an interesting stipulation.

Foley had some fun at the expense of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens at the start of Raw tonight

On the opening segment of Raw tonight, general manager Mick Foley made his way out to the ring in order to address ‘best friends’ Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. During his promo, Foley made a very evident botch when he referred to the venue of this week’s show as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as it was actually happening in Columbus, Ohio.

However, Owens and Jericho were quick to point out his mistake and the legendary wrestler made amends by calling out the name of the city correctly. A little later, ‘The Hardcore Legend’ took to Twitter to acknowledge his error, albeit in a humorous manner.

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Foley’s tweet showed an image of him in the ring with Y2J and K.O. with a caption which read, “One of the men in this photo just got the name of the city wrong on LIVE TV...right here in #COLUMBUS OHIO! #RAW

The fans responding to Mick Foley’s tweet did not seem to be fussed about the botch that he had committed and instead appreciated the fact that he and other WWE superstars were cutting promos week after week on live TV. Here are some of the reactions posted by the Twitterati:

The Raw general manager’s daughter, Noelle Foley also seemed to see the lighter side of his father’s slip-up during the show and credited it to the fact that he had received multiple chair shots on his head during his career. She tweeted, “Give him a break, he's been hit in the head with steel chairs more times than the average teenage girl says the word "like".”

The business end of the show’s opening segment, though, came when Foley announced a blockbuster rematch between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns for the former’s WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

To make matters more interesting and fair at the same time, the GM introduced a stipulation that Chris Jericho will be locked up in a ‘Shark cage’ which will be suspended high above the ring during the match to ensure that Y2J is unable to interfere, much to the chagrin of the ‘best friends’.

The situation got hilarious when Mick Foley accidentally locked Jericho inside the cage but could not find the key for the gate. It only got worse for the 6-time WWE world champion when a miscommunication caused the structure to be lifted above the ring as he screamed out to Owens and Foley for help.

A little while later on the episode, it was shown that Chris Jericho had been rescued from his predicament but he required an oxygen mask to catch his breath back.

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