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WWE News: Mike Tyson comments on celebrity angles in WWE

The boxing legend appears to book celebrities better than WWE does!

Mike Tyson was an integral part of The early Attitude Era 

Mike Tyson is one of the most important celebrities in WWE history. He played a significant role in the build up to Wrestlemania 14 where Stone Cold Steve Austin would face off against Shawn Michaels. While Tyson initially aligned with DX and seemed to be feuding against Austin, however, at Wrestlemania 14, he ended up turning on DX.

Tyson has great respect for the business of professional wrestling, being inducted into WWE’s Hall Of Fame. His presence in the lead up to Wrestlemania 14 was indeed the early days of what would end up being the hottest period in professional wrestling history. Tyson was interviewed by ESPN.

When he was asked about whether he was disappointed not being able to wrestle Stone Cold:

"No, no way. Anything they gave me, I was just very grateful to be a part of. I'm just very grateful to be a part of that stuff, but I used to like Big Show, and Floyd can't beat Big Show in a fight, and that doesn't make boxing look good, you know what I mean? It doesn't make wrestling look good. They should've had Big Show choke Floyd out or something.

“Gorilla Monsoon slammed Muhammad Ali, and you're telling me Floyd, who is 140 pounds, that he's going to beat a 500-pound guy like that? C'mon man. When you step into their field, you have to let them be kings in their field. Gorilla Monsoon slammed Muhammad Ali. Andre The Giant kicked Chuck Wepner's butt, right? So don't bring guys into their field and make them look bad on their own mat. I don't like that. From a fan's perspective, I didn't like that."

He also elaborated on the Raw before Wrestlemania 14 where he had a confrontation against Stone Cold:

"I didn't want it to ever stop. I was living the lifestyle. I was living the dream. You're talking crap to the bad guys and doing whatever you want. I never wanted it to stop. That's why when you're on top, like Tony Atlas and them, you gotta go to drugs. How do you get back to that high? All the cocaine, LSD in the world can't get you that high back. How do you get that high back? You can't get that high with cocaine and heroin like you think you could. You can't get it. This is the only natural high that can supersede drugs."

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