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WWE News: More On John Cena's WWE Hiatus, His Last Date And Return, Still Working PPV During Hiatus?

"The Leader of Cenation" might be taking a break soon

Cena will be working Dean Ambrose and WWE World Champion AJ Styles at No Mercy

John Cena has become a name that is synonymous with the wrestling industry. Like him or not, fans must agree that Cena has done a lot for the business and is a certain future Hall of Famer. He might even equal Ric Flair’s of being a 16 time World Champion.

But of late, Cena has been working a part time schedule. In fact, he even put over an Indie sweetheart such as AJ Styles, twice. Cena was earlier reported to take a hiatus from in ring action in mid October to shoot for the second season of American Grit. This is about the same time when last year too, Cena had taken a break from in ring competition after his run with the United States title.

Cena’s last scheduled date of appearance before the sabbatical is going to be for SmackDown Live on Tuesday, 11 October at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. As of now, Cena has also been advertised to appear for the dual brand pay per view Survivor Series on 20 November.

However, after that, Cena’s name does not appear for any of the shows until late December for the scheduled WWE Holiday live events a few days after Christmas.

Cena was absent from the proceedings at WWE SmackDown’s first exclusive pay per view Backlash. But he again made his presence felt last week at SmackDown Live! when he single handedly killed Dean Ambrose’s momentum with a promo that was actually a thinly veiled shoot.

AJ styles started the show when he declared that he did what he said he would. Styles kept true to his heel persona and said that he is in fact the “Champ that runs the Camp” which has been derived from Cena’s “Face that runs the Place” catchphrase.

Cena then came down to the ring and said that Styles had something that belonged to Cena. He was referring to the WWE World Championship. Ambrose too jumped in the fray demanding a rematch when Cena laid the mic work on him.

He ridiculed Ambrose for losing the match to a low blow. He went on to say that Stone Cold was right when he called Ambrose out on his podcast. Cena concluded by telling Ambrose, “All you’ve been showing to the WWE Universe is that you’ve got no b*lls brah.”

Ambrose retaliated by calling Cena a “lazy part timer”. He said that he had no patience for Cena’s speeches and sanctimonious bullcrap. Shane McMahon then came to the ring to calm things down and set up a triple threat match between the champion AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose at No Mercy.

So Cena will definitely be appearing to face Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles for the title at WWE No Mercy on 9 October, which is just a few days before he leaves to shoot American Grit.

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