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WWE News: More videos of Jim Cornette and Santino Marella's confrontation in Detroit

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Well, that escalated quickly

What's the story?

Jim Cornette and Santino Marella recently gave fans more than their money's worth when things exploded during a fan convention at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. Now there's even more video evidence of the encounter.

In case you didn't know

If you'd like to know the entire history behind these two you can click here. But suffice it to say, Jim Cornette is not a fan of Santino Marella and the former master of The Cobra wasn't shy about getting in Cornette's face about it.

The heart of the matter

There are a couple new videos from fans who were brave enough to press record on their phones during the confrontation in Detroit between Jim Cornette and Santino Marella.

In the first video, you can clearly hear Jim Cornette ask Santino if he wants to get slapped again. Cornette has slapped Marella in the past and it didn't sound like he minded a repeat performance.

Things got heated between Cornette and Marella to the point where security needed to step in. You can see in the video below how chaotic things got for a moment while they were trying to sort the whole thing out.

But in the end, it was decided the best idea was to remove both Jim Cornette and Santino Marella from the situation. Cornette didn't even stay and sign autographs at the Legends Of Cobo event. Fans arrived at the event to meet some of their favourite entertainers. But it turns out some got a show they'll never forget.

What's next?

Jim Cornette and Santino Marella will continue down their own separate paths in life. Hopefully, they don't meet anytime soon. But if WWE really wants to rib Corney or Marella they could always book them into the same class of the WWE Hall Of Fame or on an episode of Table For 3. I would watch both of those intently!


Author's take

Now that I've got my mind set on seeing more of Cornette and Santino Marella I can't stop thinking how epic a television show featuring the two of them could be.

Someone needs to contact Cornette and Marella immediately and pitch a talk show called, "I Hate You with Jim Cornette and Santino Marella".

Guests could sit in the middle of two desks where Cornette and Marella just hurl insults over an unsuspecting celebrity who just wants to talk about their new project. I would certainly watch that, DVR it, and never stop rewatching. It might not last too long, but it would certainly be must-see TV if they could make it happen.

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