WWE News: Mustafa Ali shares heartbreaking story about the injury that halted his push in early 2019; says how he bounced back

Mustafa Ali confronting then-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan on December 11, 2018
Mustafa Ali confronting then-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan on December 11, 2018

Those who have seen Mustafa Ali perform inside a WWE ring know how talented and over he is with the WWE Universe. There is a reason why he was dubbed The Heart of 205 Live while he was a part of the Purple brand's roster.

Ali was set for a big push when he was promoted to SmackDown a year ago on December 11, 2018, and confronted Daniel Bryan who was then the WWE Champion. Earlier this year, he was slated to compete at the Elimination Chamber PPV in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship but an unfortunate injury sidelined him from in-ring competition and derailed his push.

Kofi Kingston then replaced Ali in the Elimination Chamber match and although he lost, Kingston put on an impressive performance and was later inserted into the title feud for Bryan's WWE Championship. He then went on to become WWE Champion by defeating Bryan at WrestleMania 35.

Ali took to Twitter to reveal what he went through when he got injured and what kept him going throughout this year after he got back from the injury.

Mustafa Ali on breaking stereotypes

Mustafa Ali pointed out in his statement that how he was reminded daily that getting injured earlier this year took away the biggest opportunity of his life. He revealed that he fought through the injury and he wrestled in three shows on his own choice before collapsing backstage.

In the tweet, Ali posted a photo of himself with a young member of the WWE Universe and he stated how he used to portray a stereotypical xenophobic character because of his Muslim heritage and it used to terrify young audiences within the crowd. He added that when he now looks at the photo of him with the young fan, he feels that it is his purpose to perform around the world and break down barriers based on stereotypes.

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