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WWE News: Natalya discusses the return of injured superstar to WWE

Riju Dasgupta
24.62K   //    12 Oct 2017, 18:37 IST

Could we see a brand new challenger for the SmackDown Live Women's Champion?
Could we see a brand new challenger for the SmackDown Live Women's Champion very soon?

What's the story?

SmackDown Live Women's Champion Natalya spoke to Planeta Wrestling ahead of Hell in a Cell 2015. We bring you some highlights, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

Natalya was especially excited by the prospect of wrestling Paige once again. However, she did say that if Paige had championship aspirations, she had another thing coming.

In case you didn't know...

Natalya captured the SmackDown Live Women's Championship from Naomi at SummerSlam and managed to retain it at Hell in a Cell, albeit by dubious means. It is unclear who her next challenger will be, but what we know is the fact that Paige should be on her way to WWE, very soon.

Having been injured last year, and mired in the midst of controversy since then, Paige's return should be quite interesting.

The heart of the matter

The Queen of Harts had nothing but praise for the young woman and said she was looking forward to Paige's return:

I can't wait for Paige to come back. I love wrestling Paige, she's one of my favorite opponents. But if she thinks that she's gonna take my SmackDown Women's Championship, she's got another thing coming. I'm gonna be the SmackDown Women's Champion forever. I
would love to dance again with Paige in the ring, but she's definitely not taking my championship

The SmackDown Live Women's Division has not exactly been the most exciting roster of late, and the addition of Paige could really breathe new life into it.

What's next?

We wait with bated breath, both for Natalya's next opponent and also for Paige's imminent return. Both should have massive repercussions on the women's roster.


Author's take

Who doesn't love Paige to bits? I wouldn't mind her coming back and winning the belt on her very first night, much like the Hardyz did at WrestleMania. Yes, Natalya and Paige could also have some really good matches. Let's hope that WWE extracts the best from this probable plot.

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