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WWE News: Natalya reacts to Sasha Banks insulting her father on Raw

Published 20 Aug 2019, 12:40 IST
20 Aug 2019, 12:40 IST

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks

Tonight on WWE Raw, Sasha Banks crossed a line when she launched another attack on Natalya, followed by telling her to "go to hell and say hi to her daddy". Natalya took to Twitter recently and posted a single word in response to Banks' actions on Monday Night Raw: 'Disgusted'.

Sasha's return

Last week on Raw, Sasha Banks returned to WWE and turned heel by attacking Natalya. Becky Lynch soon came out and a brawl ensued between The Boss and The Man. It ended with Banks destroying Lynch with a series of chair shots. Tonight, when Michael Cole asked Banks to explain her actions from last week, she responded with "You're welcome," and walked away.

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Banks attacks Natalya, again

Soon after, Natalya was seen backstage, with her injured arm in a sling. Natalya stated that she expected it to be an emotional week, but didn't expect Sasha Banks. Natalya choked while talking about Banks being her best friend, and not being able to wrap her head around the fact that Banks tried to hurt her when she was vulnerable. Surprisingly, the fans responded to Natalya's comments with 'What?' chants.

Suddenly, Banks came out of nowhere and attacked Natalya. The Boss kept at it for a while, talking trash during the beatdown. To cap it off, Banks told Natalya to go say hi from her to Jim Neidhart in hell.

A short while after Raw came to an end, Natalya posted a tweet on her official Twitter handle, reacting to Banks' actions and her tasteless comment on tonight's Raw. Here's Natalya's response to what transpired on Raw.

These two former best friends have turned into bitter enemies in a matter of a week. While Banks has attacked Natalya on two separate occasions now, she also seems to be all set for a rivalry against Becky Lynch.

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