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WWE News: New SmackDown Tag Team Champions crowned

What a way for American Alpha to conclude the year.

American Alpha becomes the new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions

In the wake of the last edition of SmackDown Live, we have a new SmackDown Tag Team Champions in American Alpha. The blue show promoted a Fatal Fourway Elimination Tag Team match, that featured The Usos, American Alpha, Slater & Rhyno and the former champions The Wyatt Family ( Luke Harper & Randy Orton). 

The proceedings started with Chad Gable and Rhyno in the centre. After a brief back and forth, Slater and Jimmy Uso were tagged in and all it took was a Superkick followed by a Jackknife to eliminate the former tag champions.  

Gable and Jordan eliminated The Usos next after they caught them and hit stereo German Suplexes followed by a Jackknife to pin Jey Uso.

The two top teams of the blue brand then faced off, and what ensued was a spectacle for the fans. Orton started working on the visibly hurt Jason Jordan but the latter somehow managed to counter and both tagged their partners simultaneously.

Gable cleared the house, however, Harper managed to make a comeback and used his strength advantage to get an upper hand on Gable. 

The Wyatts worked on Gable with quick tags in between. Gable made a hot tag to Jordan who cleaned house with multiple Alphaplexes to both men. American Alpha then hit the Grand Amplitude on Randy Orton to seal the victory.

The young tag team enter their first reign as Champions and we wish them best of luck for it. What a way to conclude the year by American Alpha!

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