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WWE News: Nia Jax calls out indie wrestler/YouTuber

Johny Payne
5.55K   //    02 Feb 2018, 22:28 IST

Nia Jax calls out troll over body-shaming comments
Nia Jax called out Grim (Right) over body-shaming comments

What’s the story?

Nia Jax has taken to social media so as to call out a YouTube wrestling personality and indie wrestler who goes by the name ‘Grim’.

Apparently, Grim of Grim’s Toy Show Wrestling, mouthed body-shaming phrases at Jax while in attendance at the Royal Rumble. The fallout of the same also saw severe fan-backlash against Grim.

In case you didn’t know…

Nia Jax has been considerably vocal about being body-shamed over the course of her life.

Jax stands at 6-feet tall and weighs in at upwards of 270 pounds, and has often been subjected to criticism and weight-related insults from certain sections of the professional wrestling community over the years.

The heart of the matter

Grim of Grim’s Toy Show Wrestling is known for performing at indie events primarily under the ring name ‘Grim’ and also as 'Haram-Rey Mysterio', 'Donald Plump' and ‘The Fat Man Who Runs The Brand’. The indie wrestler/YouTube wrestling personality posted the following video which was recorded while he was in attendance for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match—

The video shows Grim referring to Nia Jax as ‘Nia Fat’, ‘Battle Cow’ and ‘The Fat One’. Several fans came to Jax’s defense, and derided Grim for his body-shaming comments, while Jax alluded that while she doesn’t care about his insults, she added the fact that he went on a body-shaming rant with a young woman next to him is shameful—

Following considerable backlash on Twitter, Grim apologized to Jax, and continued engaging in arguments with a few fans—


What’s next?

Nia Jax presently performs for the WWE’s RAW brand. While Jax was involved in a romance/comedy angle with Enzo Amore, given that the latter has been fired from the WWE, Jax will now continue a similar storyline with Drew Gulak.

Author’s take

Honestly speaking, it appears that the man who refers to himself as ‘The Fat Man Who Runs The Brand’ and ‘Donald Plump’, may have thought it to be alright to paint others with the same brush as he does himself.

That seems to be where he went wrong, as engaging in self-deprecating humor is one thing, but insulting others by body-shaming them is another. Kudos to Nia Jax for shutting down this YouTube personality who claims to be an indie wrestler. 

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