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WWE News: Nikki Cross opens up about her SAnitY character and her unique in-ring style

Nikki Cross is a unique female superstar, with a very unique in-ring style.

Cross has her eyes set on the Women’s Championship

What’s the story?

Based on a story from wrestlezone.com, Nikki Cross, SAnitY’s resident femme fatale, sat down recently with ESPN.com’s Brian Campbell to discuss her character and her in-ring style.

In case you didn’t know…

Nicola Glencross was born in Glasgow, Scotland. She worked under the ring name Nikki Storm in the independents, and started wrestling in 2008, at the age of 19.

The heart of the matter

SAnitY’s leading lady explained how she gets in character: “Basically I just think about stuff that would make me that angry at the world and things that make me distressed. It’s basically thinking about every bad thing that ever happened to me or a family member and you just bring it to the surface. The whole world is against you.”

She continued, stating that wrestling is so competitive that it’s easy for her to get into that mindset. With SAnitY, their mindset is that they’re going to take over and change the wrestling industry. Their goal as a group is to make everyone rethink the way the wrestling industry is, and she feels that it’s an easy mindset to get into because that’s how the group actually feels. 

She also spoke about working such a physical, smashmouth style in the ring, regardless of whether she’s taking on a male or female. Cross noted that being physical has been the way that she has trained since her first day in Glasgow, Scotland.  

She brought up the fact that her upbringing was quite rough in Glasgow, so she had to defend herself and be prepared for everything. Cross also added that she likes getting to dropkick guys from the top rope, calling it fun. 

SAnitY’s leading lady also spoke about how she tries to style herself in the ring, intimating that at the end of the day, there is no one else in the world like her, so her wrestling style isn’t going to be like anyone else’s.  

What’s next?

Cross still seems determined to get her hands on the NXT Women’s Championship, but she’ll have to wait until after TakeOver: Orlando.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Nikki Cross is definitely a unique female superstar, with a very unique in-ring style. She seems to possess all the tools necessary to be a strong heel Women’s Champion, but it just might be a long wait for her to accomplish that.

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