WWE News: NJPW wrestler buries his WWE character and warns Jon Moxley

Vince and Moxley
Vince and Moxley
Abhilash Mendhe

What's the story?

Former WWE Superstar Kenta recently sat down with Chris Charlton of the NJPW English podcast and reflected on his WWE character.

Kenta stated that he isn't "stupid Hideo Itami" anymore, and added that he will "kick Jon Moxley's a**."

In case you didn't know...

Kenta was signed to a contract by WWE back in 2014 after he visited the WWE Performance Center for a tryout. He was given the name "Hideo Itami", meaning "Hero of Pain". Itami's debut match saw him defeat former Nexus member, Justin Gabriel.

Itami went on to compete in the 2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31, where he was eliminated by the eventual winner, The Big Show. In late 2017, Itami made his way to WWE's 205 Live roster. After a less than stellar run, he requested his release from WWE and was subsequently granted the same. Itami made his NJPW debut recently, when he appeared at the Dominion 6.9 event and announced that he will be a part of NJPW's G1 Climax Tournament.

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The heart of the matter

While speaking with Charlton, Kenta didn't mince his words when reflecting on his WWE run. He stated that he wants a fight with Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose, and would kick Moxley's a** if the two get to share a ring in the near future. While speaking about a possible match against Moxley, Kenta took a major shot at his WWE run and the character of Hideo Itami.

"I want to have a match with him [Moxley], 'cause now I’m not just stupid Hideo Itami. Now I’m KENTA. So I want to fight him … kick his a**.

What's next?

Kenta and Moxley are both expected to be a part of the upcoming G1 Tournament.

What are your thoughts on Kenta taking on Moxley?

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