WWE News: NXT UK Superstar makes controversial homophobic slurs on Twitch; apologizes

Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley

What's the story?

WWE NXT UK Superstar Rhea Ripley recently courted controversy after making homophobic slurs on a Twitch stream.

Ripley went on to post a heartfelt apology on Twitter, stating that she wasn't in the right state of mind while making those comments.

In case you didn't know...

Rhea Ripley was the inaugural NXT UK Women's Champion and has been a mainstay on the roster.


A short clip recently surfaced on the web, showing Ripley with her friends in a Twitch stream. The NXT UK Superstar threw a barrage of curse words, which also included a homophobic slur. The video abruptly ended with Ripley's friends looking astonished by the fact that Rhea had actually uttered those words.

Rhea Ripley's Twitch stream
Rhea Ripley's Twitch stream

The heart of the matter

Ripley's comments caused massive outrage among her fans and led to her posting an apologetic message on Twitter. The tweet included a screenshot of a message that Rhea had typed previously. She addressed herself by her real name, Demi Bennett, and publicly apologized for her hurtful comments.

Ripley went on to state she wasn't in the right state of mind when she made those comments, and that she is well aware of the fact that what she said offended a lot of people. She finished off the message by saying that she believes every human being, irrespective of their race or orientation, should be treated the same.

What's next?

If the Hulk Hogan controvery is any indication, Rhea Ripley is in for a lot of trouble. WWE hasn't commented on the controversy as yet. Hopefully, Ripley learns from her mistakes and makes sure these actions aren't repeated in the future in which case her WWE career could come to an end before it's truly even started.

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