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WWE Rumors: One major thing that can prevent the Hardy Boyz from coming back to WWE

One major thing that can prevent the Hardy Boyz from coming back to WWE.

One major hurdle that can prevent the Hardy Boyz return to the WWE [Image by MattHardyBrand.com]

What’s the Story?

According to Cageside Seats, Anthem is looking to keep the Hardy Boyz in TNA to a long-term contract. With the constant rise of Matt Hardy, there is no doubt that WWE will come calling and lock them in for a final run with the company, which will also lock them up for a Hall of Fame nod in the not-too-distant future.

So far, however, there has been no deal signed by TNA, and in all likelihood, the Hardy Boyz will return to WWE.

In case you didn’t know

Matt and Jeff Hardy have spent a majority of their career at WWE. Jeff is a former World Heavyweight Champion, while Matt was the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. In late 2009, Jeff was reprimanded for two violations of the company’s wellness policy, which meant that another strike would mean an automatic termination.

The duo first signed for WWF – as WWE was then called – in 1998.

The two are the faces of Impact Wrestling, and bringing the Hardy Boyz back is the way to deplete the TNA morale. 

#Broken Matt Hardy [Image by NotSam.com]

The heart of the matter

Matt and Jeff Hardy’s contract will expire sometime in February. With Wrestlemania around the corner, what better way for the “Showcase of the Immortals” to have a Hardy Boyz reunion on the cards.

There is no doubt that Matt Hardy is the most popular wrestler on the TNA roster. His #Broken character exceeded all expectations of the 42-year-old and resulted in the best run of his career. 

What next?

Considering the money they are currently making on the indy circuit, it remains to seen if WWE want to give the Hardy Boyz that type of money? Another pertinent question is whether the duo would return as part-time or full-time talents.

Sportskeeda’s Take

The WWE roster is slim at the moment, with both brands in dire need of big stars to help their roster. The best option would be to bring them both back and draft one on Raw and the other one on Smackdown.

It’s no secret that Matt Hardy is enjoying the best run of his career; with Wrestlemania around the corner, they have to do everything they can to bring these guys back on the active roster, even if that means bringing them back on a part-time schedule. 

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