WWE News: Opponent for Andrade's United States title revealed


WWE have announced that Andrade will defend his United States title on Monday Night RAW next week. They have revealed that Rey Mysterio will be the challenger – his shot at winning his title back.

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Automatic rematch clauses were thrown away by the McMahon family in 2019 but it looks like Rey Mysterio seems to have gotten an exception. He had lost the title to Andrade at a WWE Live Event last week which stunned the WWE Universe. If Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Online is to be believed, the title change was done just to make the house shows a big thing again. He said:

This is like a plan, to do title changes at the house shows to help build up the house shows again. Kind of wish maybe like it was not in the Garden, maybe it was like in Baltimore, where are they tonight? RAW crew tonight was in, umm, what’s it? Baltimore?

A week before defending his title against Rey Mysterio, the United States champion warmed by going up against a local competitor on Monday Night RAW today. However, the match was not completed as Andrade's plans of injuring his opponent were stopped by Ricochet.

Ricochet then challenged Andrade to a match but was unable to beat him thanks to Zelina Vega's interference. He was about to deliver a 630 when Zelina pushed him from from the top rope.

Andrade then pinned him after delivering a Hammerlock DDT.

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Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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