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WWE News: Paige and Charlotte Flair want to face each other

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These two
These two ladies are ready to go again

What's the story?

It is a very exciting time in the life of Paige fans because it looks like their favourite Anti-Diva could be gearing up for a return very soon. She's been seen at the WWE Performance Center working out and has kept fans updated on social media about her progress.

Since she's working out in the ring, most have assumed she's been cleared to return aft3er her neck surgery. Now it looks like she might have a return opponent in mind as well.

In case you didn't know...

Paige and Charlotte Flair have tangled a few times in the ring. Although every occasion hasn't resulted in an absolute win, there have been very good contests along the way.

Paige's return might be a tricky one to pull off seeing how her personal trials and tribulations have been very public in the past few months. But hopefully, she will be able to move past her previous strife and return to the ring better than ever.

WWE Studios and Seven Bucks Productions (The Rock's production company) are putting a movie out about Paige's famous wrestling family too which would be an even better reason to keep her relevant on television.

The heart of the matter

All of this started when WWE promoted the fact that Paige and Charlotte Flair's Survivor Series match from 2015 is now available to stream on their website. Of course, this was obviously done in the theme of Survivor Series to get people in the mood but it could very well have had a dual purpose as well.

Paige's return is apparently imminent and WWE usually likes to warm their fanbase up a little bit by reintroducing work of a returning Superstar before their actual comeback starts. After all, WWE often considers the fact that their fanbase have short attention spans.

Charlotte Flair was quick to comment on this tweet and said she wanted a rematch. Paige is responded and looks pumped to face off against Charlotte.


What's next?

Seeing how Paige is likely to return as a member of WWE's Blue Team this matchup might be likely. After all, Asuka went to Raw, therefore, the general assumption is Paige will be headed toward SmackDown when the time comes.

If she's ready for Survivor Series it might be interesting to see Paige return as a mystery partner in the big women's Survivor Series match in November.

Author's take

Charlotte Flair and Paige share much more than just a common interest in pro wrestling and the fact they come from the same business. They have similar life stories at this point and can probably relate to each other on a deeper level due to that. After all, they were both victims in the same way during an unfortunate invasion of privacy.

Paige vs Charlotte Flair might not be a WrestleMania worthy match primarily because Flair's dance card for the Show Of Shows could already be punched. But it would be nice to see them scrap once again. Of course, it would just be nice to have Paige back in any capacity because I really do miss her.

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