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WWE News: Paige fires back at MTV personality who insulted female WWE Superstars

Paige stands up for female WWE Superstars in her style.

Paige proves yet again why she is loved by the WWE Universe

What’s the story?

The dogma that sticks with WWE Superstars regarding their appearances and activities has increased with the digital age. Many people question the credibility of the sport and even associate wrestlers with the dreaded “fake” word. But, some even go beyond that and take a shot at the very notion of wrestlers and their gimmicks.

Recently, an MTV personality likened the female WWE Superstars to strippers due to their in-ring attires. WWE Superstar Paige gave back a fitting response to that personality in her tweet much to the delight of several fans of WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

Paige is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of the ongoing women’s revolution in WWE. Her exploits with PCB and her rivalry with AJ Lee has created a huge fan base for her in the WWE Universe. Paige, unfortunately, suffered an injury and went on a hiatus before her relationship with Del Rio began to strain her ties with the company. 

Paige has been out of action for more than six months and was recently suspended for the violation of Wellness Policy for three months. Though her punishment tenure is up, Paige has not yet returned to WWE. It is unclear as to when Paige might make her long-awaited return to the WWE Programming.

The heart of the matter

Cara Maria, an MTV personality, tweeted her dislike of female WWE Superstars in a rude fashion on 24th January. She likened them to strippers due to their in-ring attires and lamented that she can’t distinguish between the women wrestlers. Her tweet created some uproar in social media as WWE fans didn’t take her opinion well.

WWE Superstar Paige fired back at Cara with a tweet of her own and gave a fitting response to her. Paige listed the accomplishments of wrestlers outside of the stripper pole in a sarcastic manner. Her tweet garnered a huge welcome among the WWE Universe.

What’s next?

The women’s division of WWE is currently on a roll. The recent return of Mickie James to the company has boosted the star power quite a bit. But, WWE has kept the return of both Emmalina and Paige on hold due to untold reasons.

It is entirely possible that they might return to the roster on the road to WrestleMania. Their return will surely boost the Raw women's division they are part of. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

Taking a shot at WWE Superstars is a quick way to rise to fame and Cara Maria’s action seems to be one such method. Regardless of her intentions, it is just plain stupid to ridicule the attire worn by the women wrestlers.

And the fact that she likened them to strippers states clearly that Maria has no clue about the women wrestlers in WWE. The women’s revolution of the business has garnered huge acclaim and the female superstars are empowering women across the world.

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