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WWE News: Paige opens online clothing store under her real name 

3.27K   //    13 Feb 2018, 19:49 IST

Paige has opened her own online store
Paige has opened her own online store

What's the story?

It was revealed earlier this year that Paige had suffered another injury to her already surgically repaired neck. Even though WWE hasn't officially announced that she is unable to step back in the ring, it seems that her lack of in-ring physicality in recent weeks has all but confirmed her fate. It seems that Paige has decided to take control of her future and start her own business so that she has something to step into when her wrestling future is finally confirmed.

In case you didn't know...

Paige was once seen as the future of the Women's Division but it seems that the past two years have been hard on Paige and when she finally got her life back on track and was able to return to WWE back in November, her return was cut short by injury once again.

Paige underwent neck surgery back in 2016 and took almost a year to return but a match at a live event with Sasha Banks last month has left her in a position where she may never be able to wrestle again.

Paige is still on WWE TV as the manager of Absolution, but it seems that this is as much as The Anit-Diva can do right now since her future with the company is currently unclear and her current WWE contract isn't up for another few years.

The heart of the matter

It seems that Paige has taken her future into her own hands and opened up her own online clothing store under her real name "Saraya." This could be the first indication that Paige is looking to ensure that she has a future outside of the ring after her career comes to an end since there are no references to the WWE world on any of her products.

On all of the videos on her website, she refers to herself as Saraya and not Paige, which means that WWE obviously had no input in this idea. Some of her merchandise is actually really nice and this could be something that Paige could move more into in the coming months.

What's next?

Paige won't be part of Elimination Chamber, but her Absolution teammates Sonya Deville and Many Rose will be, so it is currently unknown as to whether or not she will be at ringside or even part of the event as a whole. Paige's future is still unclear since WWE have failed to announce her prognosis.

Author's take

Paige has been part of the wrestling world all her life, she was touring the world as a teenager so she obviously has a business mind and this could be a fantastic new venture for her if it is revealed that she can no longer be in the ring.

The fact that WWE is holding off on having her announce her retirement means that there could be hope that she will be able to step in the ring in the future, but starting projects outside of WWE isn't a good sign. Paige was obviously working on this since before she was injured, so this could easily have just been something that she wanted to have as an outlet to her creativity, that was completely separate to her wrestling career.

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