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WWE News: Paige says that she is not quitting WWE

The anti-diva says that her stint with WWE isn't over.

Paige is the youngest WWE Divas Champion

The former 2-time WWE Divas Champion Paige has been sidelined from active competition due to a back and shoulder injury. Moreover, she was also at the receiving end of a 30-day suspension due to violating the company’s Wellness Policy for the first time in her career.

There were several rumors which indicated that the diva would not be performing for the WWE ever again. Paige and her real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio generated backstage heat when their relationship attracted the attention of the WWE Universe. In fact, some reports stated that Paige was threatened regarding the job to make sure that she stops dating the former World Champion. For the same reason, both the Superstars were drafted to separate brands.

Ironically, the two were suspended from WWE on the same day. As Del Rio was eventually released from the company, there was a feeling that Paige will be following his footsteps and leave. Another rumor added to the story that she had appointed an attorney, who would help her to find the loopholes in her contract (which runs till 2019) to ease the release. 

However, it was recently reported that Paige will not be leaving the company anytime soon. In fact, there is a huge possibility of her appearance in the upcoming episode of RAW and the events thereafter. Earlier today, Paige finally broke the silence and responded to the rumors of her dispute with the WWE :

“First I’d like to thank all my fans for their love and support the last few weeks. Let me begin by saying that the rumors that I'm leaving the WWE are completely false! I certainly look forward to returning back to action at some point, once my injury is treated and on a healthy return.”

With her suspension coming to an end very soon, Paige also clarified the reason which led to her penalty :

“Although I was disappointed by my suspension, I respect the WWE's wellness policy. However, let me be clear that I was not suspended for failing a drug test, it was mere due to a procedural issue. I took the test, I passed it. I arranged said test to happen after I wasn't at my home when Aegis contacted me.  So I drove 200 miles to do it. Unfortunately, I didn't do it in time, according to Aegis. Once again, thank you for all the love and support!"

Her current status in the WWE can be compared to that of AJ Lee in 2014, and we hope that Paige doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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