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WWE News: Paige speaks out in support of Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis (left) and Paige (right) speak out against a fan
Maria Kanellis (left) and Paige (right) speak out against a fan's discriminatory comments against WWE Divas and the past of the Women's Division
Johny Payne
Modified 12 Apr 2019, 22:49 IST

What's the story?

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has taken to her official social media account, so as to assert her support for fellow WWE personality Maria Kanellis, after the latter was involved in an argument with a fan on Twitter.

In response to the fan opining that a major part of the Divas era in WWE ought to be erased, Maria disagreed and explained why he was wrong. On that note, Paige chimed in with her two cents on the same.

In case you didn't know...

Maria Kanellis performed for the WWE from 2004 until her departure from the promotion in 2010 -- Following which, she worked extensively on the independent professional wrestling circuit, in several notable promotions the world over.

Maria returned to the WWE in 2017, this time alongside her real-life husband Mike Bennett -- who now competes in WWE as Mike Kanellis.

On the other hand, Paige (real name: Saraya-Jade Bevis) performed for the WWE from 2011 until her retirement in 2018 owing to injury issues. The fiery British Superstar has continued appearing on WWE programming in non-wrestling roles ever since.

The heart of the matter

Apparently, a fan who goes by the name Rock LaRose, took to Twitter and stated that a major part of the Divas era ought to be erased as that, according to him, was not wrestling. Additionally, he tagged Maria Kanellis in his aforesaid tweet.

In response to which, Maria fired back, stating --


"It wasn’t the Divas. It shouldn’t be erased. There were and still are women from that era that had/have a major impact on wrestling."

Furthermore, Paige expressed her support for Maria, with multiple Tweets that read as follows --

"I was a diva.. something that every female fan and now wrestler strived to be growing up. The term and the past should never be erased. That’s our history and I’m proud of it."
"I don’t understand and will never understand why the term “diva” to some people is a negative. All I wanted to be when I first started watching and being a wrestler was to become a WWE diva. Incredible athletes. They paved the way for all of us. Don’t discredit their hard work."
"I’m proud I got to be a diva and I’m proud that I got to be part of the transition of becoming a superstar."

What's next?

Paige is expected to continue working with the WWE, albeit in a non-wrestling capacity, by simply serving as an on-screen personality.

Moreover, Paige recently announced that she's all set to introduce a new tag team to the SmackDown Women's Division on next week's episode of SmackDown Live.

Meanwhile, Maria Kanellis sporadically competes in the WWE, notably her participation in the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 earlier this month.

What are your thoughts on the WWE Divas discussion involving Paige and Maria Kanellis? Sound off in the comments!

Published 12 Apr 2019, 22:49 IST
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