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WWE News: Paige wants fans to smell her armpits

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Go ahead and take a good long sniff, Paige won't mind apparently

What's the story?

Everyone has an issue with perspiration no matter who you are. It's a natural human reaction to exercise or just cooling off your body because it's hot outside. Apparently, Paige has a new deodorant and she's mighty proud of it.

In fact, she's so sure of herself that she's inviting anyone who would like to take a long sniff of her armpits an opportunity to do so.

In case you didn't know...

When you're a WWE Superstar, sweating is just part of the job. Paige has been working hard on her eventual return and it looks like she switched up her choice of toiletries recently and felt the need to let everyone know about it.

The heart of the matter

Paige was in a good mood the other day and felt the need to let everyone know she's now wearing men's deodorant. She also really likes the way it smells.

Many people felt the need to comment on Paige's invitation for people to smell her armpits. To be honest, it wasn't exactly an invitation but it certainly wasn't a deterrent. Nia Jax felt the need to comment on the post to make it even stranger as she revealed that she also loves smelling her own armpits. That's just useful information to have on hand.

What's next?

Hopefully, Paige will get back to the ring soon enough in order to force her competition to smell her armpits with every headlock.

There hasn't been any real word about Paige's expected return, but she's apparently been cleared to take bumps in the ring and has been doing so for a little while until she gets a green light from WWE for a much-awaited television return.

Author's take

Some articles are hard-hitting and informative. This isn't one of those. But I'm still very glad you stuck through the whole thing.

Paige is obviously having a lot of fun as she gets ready for an in-ring return and I can't wait to see how WWE will use her whenever she does start her well-deserved comeback.

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