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WWE News: Paul Heyman loses it when asked about Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman's recent interview is the most awkward thing you'll see today.

Paul Heyman laid the verbal smackdown on the interviewer

‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, these are the words that have begun every Paul Heyman promo in recent times. The advocate for ‘The Beast Incarnate’ this time, got the chance to express his views and opinions in a different setting when he appeared for an interview for Games Radar to promote the new WWE 2K17 game.

The interview was one of a kind where Paul took an almost instant disliking to the interviewer and responded rather sharply. This resulted in perhaps one of the most hilarious yet, witty interviews with a WWE manager in recent memory. Through his replies and body language, Paul makes us realize why he is one of the best brains in the business today and why he has single-handedly propelled Lesnar’s career into the stratosphere.

Keeping his script writing background in mind, the interviewer asked Paul if he or Brock Lesnar have played the game.

Paul instantly replied that Brock Lesnar is not a gamer, and he would never claim to be a gamer. However, he admitted that he had two kids of his own who were avid gamers. He said that they had seen the previews of the video game and felt that it was the best game of all time. Not just in the WWE, but in the history of video games.

Heyman consolidated his children’s views by saying that they were correct in their observation because the cover of this particular game featured the picture of a once in a lifetime sort of athlete like Brock Lesnar.

The interview went south when the interviewer asked if Heyman’s children played as Brock Lesnar in the previous editions of the game and whether they got into trouble if they beat him.

Paul completely lost it and said that he preferred to answer factual, intelligent questions rather than dealing in the hypothetical. Paul said:

“Who let this guy in? I don't deal in hypotheticals, I don't deal in if's. If your aunt had balls then she'd be your uncle, she doesn't so she's not. I don't deal in if's, I deal in absolutes. So please, address to me factual questions that require substantive information that I can bestow upon you to educate you or your audience.”

The interviewer was clearly intimidated by Heyman’s antics but Heyman was in no mood to stop. Paul also ridiculed the interviewer’s fixation with Bayley and told him that his opinions were irrelevant.

Heyman also made a threat to Goldberg saying that if Brock Lesnar would ever run into Bill Goldberg, the latter would be taken to Suplex City, be F5-ed and be conquered.

Here is an excerpt of the interview where Paul Heyman tears apart his interviewer.

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