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WWE News: Paul Heyman on fan appreciation for RAW proposal segment

Johny Payne
5.64K   //    15 Nov 2017, 00:04 IST

Paul Heyman shut down the couple that interrupted his promo on Monday Night RAW
Paul Heyman shut down the couple that interrupted his promo on Monday Night RAW

What’s the story?

Paul Heyman addressed the fan-appreciation directed towards him for his promo during the RAW proposal segment.

Heyman also spoke about honing his craft and where he feels his promo skills are:

In case you didn’t know…

Paul Heyman, the former ECW head honcho, is widely regarded as one of the greatest promos in the history of professional wrestling.

In fact, Heyman is considered to be one of the most ‘over’ personalities in the business today, despite not being an in-ring competitor.

The heart of the matter

Paul Heyman and his ‘client’ Brock Lesnar appeared on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW with the ‘Advocate’ cutting a promo so as to hype the Beast’s match against AJ Styles at Survivor Series. However, Heyman’s promo was interrupted by the fans in attendance who started cheering a couple between whom a marriage proposal had just transpired, with the girl saying “Yes”.

Regardless, Heyman, rather than getting distracted or flustered by the surprising turn of events, utilized his presence of mind and proceeded to cut a scathing heel promo on the couple. The Advocate finished the segment by promoting Lesnar vs Styles, receiving a huge pop from the fans for his exemplary work on the microphone.

Heyman also replied to a fan who praised the former ECW boss’s quick-wittedness on social media. The New York native also added that honing any craft takes a considerably long time, claiming that he’s only getting started and is nowhere close to hitting a plateau in the business.


What’s next?

Paul Heyman’s client Universal Champion Brock Lesnar competes against WWE Champion AJ Styles at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV which will take place on November 19th.

Author’s take

Paul Heyman truly is a gem and one of a kind in the world of sports and entertainment. Not many people in any business could conduct themselves as well as Heyman.

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