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WWE News: Fitness magazine mentions Eva Marie as a 'former Diva'

Possible hint at Eva Marie's WWE status.

News 06 Apr 2017, 06:28 IST

Done for good?

While it certainly feels like Eva Marie has been released from the company as she hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since last August, she is still employed by the company. But, for all intents and purposes, that probably won’t be the case much longer.

She’s been taking gigs outside of WWE and has since deleted all mentions of the company from her social media accounts. Now, a recently posted and deleted tweet from Fitness Magazine may provide even more insight.

It’s unclear how long the magazine kept the tweet up before removing it, but as of this posting, they haven’t Tweeted the link and image again with any correction. Considering that, when it comes to the world of magazines about gettin’ in shape, WWE usually works with the Muscle & Fitness family. Thus, it’s unlikely this project was approved by the company.

As of now, there hasn’t been a comment from either Eva Marie or Fitness Magazine.

Eva Marie began performing in WWE in 2013 after a career in modeling. While being less than proficient in the ring, she was a major focus on the E! Network reality show, Total Divas, which was and has been a success for the cable network in terms of the ratings. 

In 2015, she took a hiatus from the ring to recover from an injury and to train with Brian Kendrick in the hopes of improving her in-ring performances. She returned in 2016, in time for a 10-women match at WrestleMania 32, with a major push on the horizon but ended up being suspended for 30 day due to a wellness policy violation.

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