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From The WWE Rumor Mill: Postive update on Ric Flair's health

Johny Payne
11.59K   //    20 Aug 2017, 00:17 IST

Ric Flair is hospitalized as of this time.
Ric Flair is hospitalized as of this time.

What’s the story?

As per reports from F4WOnline, Ric Flair is in a better condition now than he was on Monday, however, is still likely to go through a rough patch over the course of the next few days.

As per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, doctors attached an external pacemaker to his heart, following which his heart has now started beating normally—something Meltzer noted as “a positive”.

Additionally, it was noted that although the Nature Boy’s health appears to be better than it was earlier this week, he’s still under kidney dialysis, and is likely to go through a rough experience in the days to come. Besides, a few other essential details were also noted on the Observer.

In case you didn’t know…

Ric Flair was hospitalized last week and underwent surgery that is said to have caused a few complications in his overall health.

As we had previously reported, Flair’s excessive alcohol consumption served to cause him additional harm and lead to a few complications in his body.

The heart of the matter:

Speaking about the professional wrestling legend’s health issues, Dave Meltzer noted that Flair has another infection that hasn’t been disclosed to the public. He added that the doctors are having problems in administering Flair antibiotics owing to the latter’s weakened body, therefore Ric is still in “a bad situation”.

Furthermore, Meltzer revealed that Flair did not, in fact, suffer a heart attack. He explained that the latter had a blockage in his bowel, and he’d been hospitalized in order to remove said blockage. Apparently, there were doubts as to whether Flair would survive Monday as he was due to have another surgery on Monday but was already considerably weakened through the weekend after his initial surgery last week. Meltzer stated-

"It's not (smooth sailing), but it was a great sign that he got through Monday.”

What’s next?

Sportskeeda will keep fans updated on the Nature Boy’s health as and when news breaks.

Author’s take:

Ric Flair and his loved ones have been going through a rough time over the past few days.

Here’s hoping Naitch pulls through. Get well soon, brother.

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