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WWE News: Potential reason why Goldberg was booed in his 2003 WWE run, revealed

Rohit Nath
3.15K   //    03 Nov 2016, 14:13 IST
People didn’t seem to want to see The Rock as Goldberg’s “Next” victim

It’s no secret that many consider Goldberg’s first run with the WWE in 2003, to be an absolute dud. Linda McMahon at the time, publicly stated, that she considered Goldberg’s run to be a disappointment.

To cap it all off, his last match with WWE against Brock Lesnar, in what should have been considered a “dream match” at the time was ruined, because the Madison Square Garden crowd for Wrestlemania XX knew they were both leaving, and jeered them both heavily on the way out. Both performers didn’t put in their best match by any means either.

According to Jason Solomon, of the Solomonster Sounds Off Podcast, one of the potential reasons that Goldberg was booed for a good duration of his initial WWE run, was the fact that WWE had hammered the notion in the fans’ minds that WCW was the enemy.

Furthermore, he also said, the another reason could be, that many might have considered Goldberg a rip-off of Stone Cold Steve Austin, due to the similar bald look and beard. You can hear his Solomon’s thoughts on the matter here:

Goldberg had faced The Rock in his first PPV Backlash in 2003. The Rock was the clear heel in that encounter, in his Hollywood Rock persona. Solomonster claimed that despite being a heel, that was The Rock’s best persona by far, and was too entertaining to be booed and that it was a shame that the persona lasted only three months.

Even during his match with Chris Jericho, the crowd rejected Goldberg for the most part. 

Here was the match with Lesnar, his final match with WWE in his last run, which turned out to be a huge flop due to the crowd reactions. You can even hear Jim Ross acknowledging the rumours of Lesnar leaving:

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