WWE News: R-Truth defends 24/7 title twice at SummerSlam Meet & Greet

Truth and Maverick
Truth and Maverick
Modified 10 Aug 2019

What's the story?

The latest SummerSlam Meet & Greet session featuring WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth was crashed by two former champions, Drake Maverick and Titus O'Neil. Fortunately for Truth, he managed to keep the title on his waist when all was said and done.

In case you didn't know...

Ever since the WWE 24/7 title was unveiled, R-Truth has been the cornerstone of the storyline. He has been involved in some of the most viewed 24/7 title defenses against the likes of Elias, Drake Maverick, and Jinder Mahal. Truth went a step ahead recently, when he crashed Maverick's real-life wedding and pinned him to take back the title. Soon after, he invaded Maverick's hotel room and pinned him to win the title again. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Truth and Carmella tricked then-champion Mike Kanellis in the OBGYN waiting room and got back the title Truth had previously lost.

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The heart of the matter

The most intriguing aspect of the 24/7 title is the fact that the belt is up for grabs at any time of the day, no matter what's the scenario. Truth has been a part of several title defenses over the course of the past three months, and is well aware of the fact that he is a target as long as the belt is on his waist.

During the SummerSlam Meet & Greet, Maverick tried to trick Truth by approaching him as a John Cena fan but failed to pin Truth. Almost immediately, the first-ever 24/7 Champion, Titus O'Neil, pounced on Truth but failed to pin him too. As Truth fled the scene, an irate O'Neil dumped a nagging Maverick into a dustbin.


What's next?

Truth luckily managed to keep the belt on his shoulder, but one wonders how long will his current reign last.

What are your thoughts on Maverick's Meet & Greet fiasco?

Published 10 Aug 2019, 08:44 IST
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