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WWE News: R-Truth defends 24/7 Title under the ring on Raw

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:29 IST

R-Truth and Carmella
R-Truth and Carmella

What's the story?

WWE recently posted a clip on its social media handles, which didn't air on tonight's Monday Night Raw episode. The clip shows Titus O'Neil almost managing to defeat R-Truth to win the WWE 24/7 Title, under the ring.

In case you didn't know...

Last month, the unveiling of the WWE 24/7 Title was met with a mixed response, as the crowd wasn't thrilled one bit with the championship design. It seemed as if the title was destined for failure and wouldn't last long on the main roster.

To everyone's surprise, this didn't end up happening and the WWE 24/7 Title has now become one of the most entertaining things on the show. R-Truth and Carmella's escapades have been getting massive coverage on social media, especially on WWE's YouTube channel. A recent poll on WWE's website asked the fans their favorite champion in WWE at present. Truth won the poll by securing 27% of votes, with Universal Champion Seth Rollins behind him at 21%!

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The heart of the matter

WWE has uploaded a clip from tonight's episode of Raw, that wasn't shown on TV. The video shows R-Truth getting under the ring, where he is confronted by the first-ever WWE 24/7 Champion, Titus O'Neil! Titus proceeded to bash Truth's head on the ground and tried to pin him but to no avail. Truth somehow managed to retaliate and shrug Titus off, escaping the scene with the title still on his waist. Check out the exclusive footage:

What's next?

R-Truth is a marked man for sure and will get hounded by several WWE Superstars until someone pins him for the title. For now though, Truth has succeeded in keeping the belt on his waist. The question is, how long will he manage to keep it?

What are your thoughts on Truth's run as WWE 24/7 Champion?

Published 18 Jun 2019, 09:41 IST
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