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WWE News: Rand Paul endorses Kane for mayor

Senator Rand Paul endorses Kane for Mayor.

News 03 May 2017, 01:32 IST
Rand Paul has endorsed Glenn Jacobs for mayor of Knox County.

What’s the story?

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky- one of the most high-profile libertarian-leaning conservatives in Washington- has endorsed Glenn Jacobs aka Kane for the position of Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

In case you didn’t know...

As we reported, Kane made headlines not only in the pro-wrestling world but also in the mainstream media after he officially entered the aforementioned mayoral race.

The Big Red Machine has asserted that his belief in free market and individual liberty have encouraged him to enter politics and vie for the mayoral seat. Jacobs compared his libertarian Republican philosophy to that of Senator Rand Paul, Reps. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, as well as his own congressman Rep. Jimmy Duncan.

The heart of the matter

The Jacobs campaign has shared the endorsement by Sen. Paul on social media. Paul and Jacobs were featured speakers at an event for libertarian youth activist group Young Americans for Liberty in Atlanta, Georgia last month.

The Jacobs for Mayor campaign shared the endorsement on social media.

Here are a few excerpts from Sen. Paul’s endorsement of Kane-

“The battle for liberty happens at all levels, federal, state and local. My friend Glenn Jacobs not only made a name for himself in the world of WWE, but for years has labored as a community activist eager to bring more freedom and prosperity to as many people as possible.”

“His (Kane’s) small government and pro-liberty philosophy of government – on education, the economy, regulation, taxes and more – is exactly what we need more of in our politics,” Paul added. “It’s why I think Glenn would be an excellent choice for mayor of Knox County.”

Kane, on his part, has stated that he’s extremely proud of being endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, calling the latter the most conservative Senator in the US Congress.

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What’s next?

Two other challengers are reportedly expected to run for Knox County’s open mayor’s seat namely County Commissioner Bob Thomas and Knox County Sheriff Jimmy Jones.

The mayoral general election takes place on May 1st, 2018.

Author’s take

How awesome it is that the Devil’s favorite Demon is running for mayor and that too in the month of May. Remember Kane’s obsession with ‘May 19th’?

Well, thankfully the elections take place on May 1st and if you happen to be eligible to cast your vote in the Knox County mayoral elections, vote for Kane Glenn Jacobs!

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