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WWE News: Randy Orton breaks silence about fan altercation

Riju Dasgupta
11.51K   //    19 Jan 2017, 22:13 IST
Orton did not hesitate in speaking his mind 

What’s the story?

Randy Orton had an incident with a fan at a Jonesboro, Arkansas gym on Monday 16th of January. The Viper used some choice words for a fan, who wanted a picture with him when he was working out, and after being asked to wait, took a picture anyway.

Orton initially responded to the fan on Twitter, and now has some advice for another fan who insisted that he would want to take a picture with the wrestler if they ever meet.

In case you didn’t know...

Here’s the story as we understand it. WWE fan and business professional Anthony Martin was working at The Trim Gym when he spotted his favourite WWE Superstar, who was down for a house show.

He asked for a photograph, but Orton pointed to his ears to indicate that he couldn't hear Martin. Anthony Martin would walk away and then take a picture from across the room. At which point, Orton went up to Martin, grabbed his hand and started using profane language.

This incident blew up on social media and has been the talking point of the wrestling world ever since it happened.

The heart of the matter

 In response to the incident, this is what Orton initially had to say on Twitter right after the incident:


It is obvious that Randy Orton does not like to be interrupted, even by fans when he is working out. This is best proved due to the fact that Orton replied to a fan on Twitter who asked what he should do to take a picture with the Viper. This was Orton’s response to the fan.

What’s next?

This incident will be forgotten by the internet wrestling circle very soon. This is not the first time Orton’s behavior has been questionable with fans and media and this won't be the last time. Sources indicated that when John Cena was asked for a picture, he relented immediately leaving everyone with a smile. The Viper is not Cena, and fans know this!

Sportskeeda's take

A man who’s on the road for most of the year, Randy Orton appreciates his personal space. Those who violate the same, end up facing his wrath. 

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