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WWE News: Randy Orton expects to have many more title runs

"The Viper" speaks about his future, motivations and ambitions in the WWE.

randy orton
Randy Orton expects to fight another decade in the WWE

In a career spanning over fifteen years, Randy Orton aka “The Viper” has written himself into WWE and internet folklore with his indomitable displays in the ring, finishing his opponents with the infamous RKO “outta nowhere”, the subject of many a viral internet meme and GIF.

Making his debut in 2002 in the erstwhile WWF as a part of the Evolution stable of superstars, Orton became the youngest Superstar to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the age of 24. It was the first of his 12 World Championship titles.

The now 36-year-old appeared as a guest on Tom Clark’s Main Event podcast, where, in a freewheeling interview, he spoke about his future with the WWE and his world championship aspirations.

Asked about his plans on continuing wrestling in the WWE, Orton said: 

“For the immediate future and, s--t, for 10 more years, I would love to, if I'm able to, wrestle. This is what I enjoy doing.”

“The Viper”, who has been a headline act for WWE’s pay-per-views throughout his career, spoke of the gratification he received by performing in front of the big crowds that throng WWE arenas saying: 

“The day of a pay-per-view when you're thinking of what you can do and then you get the payoff, the reward, that night. It's a different animal. That live audience is a different animal. You grow as a WWE Superstar and really appreciate the reactions we pull out of these fans."

The Superstar, who now holds the tag team championship as part of the Wyatt family with Bray Wyatt, was also asked about his World Championship aspirations, particularly whether he held any ambitions of chasing down Ric Flair’s record of 16 World Championship reigns.

Optimistic about his chances, the ambitious wrestler, was confident that he had a handful more title runs in him. He added that although it had been a while since he had a world title around his waist, he was happy with his second run as a tag-team champion. In fact, he would be glad to fight for whichever title the WWE would put in front of him.

The 12-time World Champion known for his death stare and serpent-esque deadly movement across the ring, showed his softer side as he spoke of how he wrestled for different reasons now as he added his final remarks, saying, “If I never won it [the Championship] again, that would be okay with me. I just go out there and continue to entertain people and get my kids excited because they get to watch daddy on TV, those kinds of rewards, that's what I'm doing it for now. Any gold around my waist, that's just icing on the cake."

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