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WWE News: Randy Orton reveals what he told Shane McMahon's son at Survivor Series

The Viper explains what he told Shane O' Mac's son when The Prodigal Son suffered a concussion at Survivor Series.

Randy Orton was seen having a word with Shane McMahon’s son after Shane got injured at Survivor Series

At Survivor Series, in the tradition 5-on-5 Men’s Elimination Match, Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon was hit with a spear when attempting the coast-to-coast dropkick. He was originally intended to be pinned by Reigns, but he seemingly suffered a concussion and lifted his shoulders when he was not supposed to.

You can see the incident below:

After this had happened, Randy Orton broke character and had a word with Shane’s son seemingly to console him. In an interview with CBS Sports, The Viper revealed exactly what he told Shane’s son:

I told them their dad was a champ and he was a tough dude, and he’s fine, and it’s just part of what we’re doing right now, kids. Don’t worry about it. And they smiled and the wife was happy, and everything was cool.

Here is a brief clip of Randy Orton talking to Shane’s son:

In the match, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt went on to be the survivors for Smackdown Live as they beat Team Raw. Orton eliminated Seth Rollins with an RKO while Rollins was attempting a dive, and Bray Wyatt eliminated Roman Reigns after Orton took a spear from Reigns to allow Wyatt to get an advantage over The Big Dog.

It was never revealed what Shane suffered from, but from the look in his eyes upon receiving the spear, many speculated that he suffered a concussion. He did, however, appear on SmackDown Live two days after that, but is very unlikely to wrestle until Wrestlemania 33. 

An originally speculated opponent for Shane was Brock Lesnar, which was teased from Summerslam onwards, but that plan seems to have been dropped after Goldberg signed a contract extension.

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