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WWE News: Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt official for No Mercy

The Apex Predator vs The Eater of Worlds adds to a stacked No Mercy card already.

The match was originally scheduled for Backlash

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt haven’t had the most exciting feud in the world. After Summerslam, Bray Wyatt confronted Randy Orton and thus began their feud. However, many felt that the build up was weak and just before their scheduled match at Backlash, it was reported that Randy Orton was not medically cleared to compete in the match. They gave Orton a storyline injury at Backlash after The Eater of Worlds attacked The Apex Predator, thus rendering him medically unfit to compete. 

However, Bray Wyatt had come out anyway later that night to the ring and insisted that the referee count to ten so he could be declared the winner. However, it was announced that Wyatt would have a No Holds Barred match against a surprise opponent, who turned out to be Kane. The match itself was fine, and Orton came out limping and ended up giving Wyatt an RKO, allowing Kane to pick up the victory.

What was surprising about the whole situation was that WWE were aware that Orton was unfit to compete for a while after Summerslam, and yet decided to build and promote the match between the two anyway, knowing that they were going to put Kane in The Viper’s place instead. After that, Orton began to do house shows. Although he initially wrestled minimally, he began to wrestle properly at house shows once more, and it looks like he has been medically cleared to compete.

This past week on Smackdown Live, Orton and Wyatt had a rather bizarre set of segments, similar to that of a horror film, where Orton was searching backstage in obscure areas to find The Eater Of Worlds in his dark room where he cuts his “I am a god” promos. Orton in fact even found a cardboard cutout of himself and opened a small door revealing Erick Rowan waiting creepily. 

Orton did find Wyatt, and even brawled with him, but weirdly enough, after putting on Rowan’s white sheep mask, Wyatt came back and took his place. This bizarre sequence of events has now led to WWE officially announcing Orton vs Wyatt for No Mercy.

So far five matches have been announced for No Mercy, with this being the first non-title bout of the lot.

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