WWE News: Reason why WWE added 'Burn it Down' to Seth Rollins' theme song

The Kingslayer revealed the reason for the addition!
The Kingslayer revealed the reason for the addition!

What's the story?

If you've noticed recently, there's a slight addition to Seth Rollins' theme song. The Raw tag team champion's theme now features the words — 'Burn it down'. Rollins caught up with Sam Roberts on his podcast and revealed the reason for the same. It primarily had to do with Vince McMahon not liking the pause in his old theme. Just in case you haven't heard the song yet, here it is, in all its heavy metal glory.


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In case you didn't know...

While Seth Rollins has been using his old theme song - 'The Second Coming', composed by the CFO$ since 2014, there was a slight modification made to the old theme, quite recently. Starting July 31, 2017, the words 'Burn it Down' were added to his theme song, at the insistence of Vince McMahon. This is very much in line with his character, and some of the official merchandise that's being sold online.

The heart of the matter

Rollins addressed the addition of 'Burn it Down' on the Sam Roberts Podcast:

It's a weird thing where all of a sudden I got to Raw that day, and they're like, 'hey, we gotta do something with your music? I'm like, 'what do you mean? It's the same music I've used for the last three years. What's the problem, all of a sudden?' They were like- 'Vince doesn't like the pause'.

They played various versions of Rollins' theme for him, most of which with alternatives that just would not work. One was a seductive version of 'Kingslayer' which was said during the pause and the other just had weird sound effects. According to Rollins, it worked out at the end with the official merchandise and the fire graphic.

What's next?

Get used to the theme because we have a feeling we're going to keep hearing it for a while now!

Author's take

I think it's a cool addition, really. Vince McMahon is known to add little things that eventually make a huge difference, and this is one such example of the same.The crowd really gets involved when it's time to say the words, so it has made Rollins feel more interesting than usual.

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