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WWE News: Reby Hardy denies rumors of WWE buying the Broken gimmick, claims TNA leaked the false speculation

Reby Hardy shoots down rumors of WWE buying the Broken gimmick from Impact Wrestling.

Reby Hardy refutes rumours about WWE paying Impact Wrestling for the broken gimmick.

What’s the story?

Reby Hardy took to social media to shoot down rumours that WWE has bought the usage rights of the Broken gimmick from Impact Wrestling.

In case you didn’t know...

Reby Hardy is the matriarch of the Hardy family that includes WWE veterans, Jeff and Matt. The Hardy family got wildly popular last year owing to their Broken gimmick, reportedly conceptualised by Matt, during their time with Impact Wrestling.

Nevertheless, the Hardys had a less-than-cordial departure from Impact earlier this year, following which they have been embroiled in a legal battle with the promotion’s new owners Anthem Sports and Entertainment over the intellectual property and usage rights of the Broken gimmick.

The heart of the matter

The professional wrestling community is rife with rumours that the Hardys will introduce the WWE Universe to their Broken selves very soon, and that the WWE has bought the intellectual property of the gimmick from Impact Wrestling. Reby aka Queen Rebecca, however, was quick to nip any such rumours in the bud, alluding that the gimmick is owned solely by the Hardys and not Impact.

Furthermore, she also alleged that Jeff Jarrett, who recently returned to Impact Wrestling and has merged his promotion Global Force Wrestling (GFW) with Impact, is the one who has leaked the aforementioned rumours to the media. She added that the motive behind Jarrett allegedly fuelling such rumors is that he intends to portray a false front to fans that TNA/Impact is in a position of power.

The 30-year old also opined that the fans ought to exercise a bit of patience as far as the Broken Hardys’ introduction in WWE is concerned, pointing out that it’s just been 22 days since they’ve returned; besides alluding to the fact that the WWE Universe will witness the Broken Brilliance very soon. 

What’s next?

Matt and Jeff Hardy are scheduled to defend their RAW tag team championships against Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE’s upcoming Payback PPV on April 30th.

Author’s take?

Ever since the Hardys have split from Impact, the number of accusations that have been levied by both sides are astounding, to say the least.

Nevertheless, in this seemingly never-ending war against the Hardys, Impact Wrestling seems to be coming off worse for the wear, with several pro-wrestling fans chanting the phrase ‘Fu** that Owl!’ at Impact events, besides sporting T-Shirts with the said phrase.

Beware Impact or else you shall be deemed Obsolete!!! 

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