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WWE News: Renee Dupree opens up on spot-calling in his matches against John Cena

5.07K   //    02 Oct 2016, 19:32 IST
The only teenager to win a Championship in the WWE, Renee Dupree

Former ‘La Resistance’ member and one of John Cena’s opponents during his first run as the United States Champion in 2004, Renee Dupree was interviewed by Hannibal TV and was asked about his feud with the Cenation leader and yes, more of John Cena.

Dupree was part of a rivalry with Cena in 2004 with the United States Title on the line that culminated in a match at Judgement Day. On whether he’d faced Cena before his WWE stint, Dupree said that he didn’t apart from the one instance in WWE’s fomer development zone known as Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) at that time. He had nothing but praise for the Franchise Player as he said that Cena was a constant professional and the dream employee for any promoter. “if I was the promoter that's the kind of guy I would want in that spot,” Dupree said.

The 15-World Champion has gone on to carve out an envious career and has been the face of the company for the better part of the last 15 years. But did Dupree have any clue that a denim wearing Doctor of Thugonomics would be the go-to-guy in the WWE?

Dupree said, "I could tell yeah, that's a guy that they could trust, that's the guy that's well spoken, he looks like a million – he's a star. Yeah, I could tell."

The face that used to run the place is infamous for loudly calling spots during his matches. Every other Botchamania video faithfully features Cena and his loud directions during the match that get caught on the microphone.

When asked about whether Cena was the guy who called the spots during their match, Dupree retracted and said, "I called everything. I called everything."

John Cena was the perennial fan favorite when he feuded with Dupree and over time has seen the tides turn towards all out hate. Dupree was asked about what was different at that time and he simply said that he was the heel who knew how to draw the heat. His job was to build up a face and he did it to the best of his ability. 

By reasoning as to why Cena doesn’t command the same love he used to back during their feud, he said, “Because I was a heel. I can get people to hate me. I'm not trying to do fancy moves, I'm there to build him, that's my job. That's what's kind of lacking in this day and age."

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