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WWE News: Rey Mysterio opens up about why heels can't get heat and Chris Jericho being a visionary 

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Rey Mysterio opens up about the respect he has for Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio opens up about the respect he has for Chris Jericho

What's the story?

Rey Mysterio has a long history with Chris Jericho and he recently spoke to Jim Ross about the work that Jericho has been doing in other promotions and how hard a heel's job is nowadays.

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In case you didn't know...

Rey Mysterio appeared at The Royal Rumble earlier this year and ever since WWE has been pushing to resign the former World Champion, but he has been reluctant to sign a long-term contract. Mysterio has been announced for All In later this year, which is being promoted as one of the biggest wrestling shows of the year, which means that it's highly unlikely that he will be returning to WWE any time soon.

Mysterio has come through a number of promotions throughout his career including WCW and WWE alongside Chris Jericho and confirmed himself that he has a lot of respect for Y2J.

The heart of the matter

Mysterio recently sat down with Jim Ross as part of an episode of The Ross Report where he was able to share his opinion on why heels find it hard to gain heat nowadays and his respect for Chris Jericho. (Transcript via WrestlingInc)

"I've actually, without picking his mind that much, I've learned a lot about how he likes to roll and do his own thing. I tip my hat off for him because he has worked his ass off. He has. He has been on the grind. He was the first guy ever to leave WCW, take that risk, go to WWF at the time, and look at him now. He has his rock band. He's a visionary. He sees something, if he wants to go for it, he goes for it. And he'll achieve it when he's finished."

Mysterio isn't a star who has ever worked as a heel in WWE's main programme, but he still weighed in on his opinion regarding the work of current heels in the business.

"It is [impossible for heels to get real heat nowadays] because of the fact that, for the fans, if you have a rich history on your way to becoming one of the top heels, all-of-a-sudden, heels are loved. Why? Because you worked hard to obtain your spot." Mysterio added, "it sounds weird, but you become a babyface in their eyes"

What's next?

Rey Mysterio has already been announced as one of the competitors for "All In" that is set to take place in September in Chicago, Illinois.

Is Rey Mysterio right about the way the wrestling world reacts to heels nowadays? Have your say in the comments section below...

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