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WWE News: Ric Flair didn't realize how big of a deal his illness was

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Let's all

Nobody does it like The Nature Boy

What's the story

Ric Flair went through an awful illness just before SummerSlam this year and everyone was worried about him. The odds were against Flair but after being put into a medically induced coma and having emergency surgery The Nature Boy pulled through. He seems to be just as good as ever and his attitude is bright. He is still able to Style and Profile just like always. The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer recently spoke to Cheap Heat Podcast where he revealed he didn't even realize how big of a deal his illness was to everyone until he was able to pull through.

In case you didn't know

Everyone loves Ric Flair. On the same token, anyone who ever had dealings with The Nature Boy has a fantastic story to tell about him too. This is one of the many reasons why the upcoming ESPN "30 For 30" documentary about The Nature Boy is going to be so great.

Heart of the matter...

Ric Flair recently sat down with Cheap Heat Podcast where he revealed he didn't even realize how much of an impact his illness had on the rest of the pro wrestling community.

It might be hard to believe Ric Flair didn't realize how big of a deal his medical crisis was for everyone. But even as we were all gearing up for SummerSlam it was hard to think about anything else but The Nature Boy's condition. Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

"I didn't because I know a lot of people came to visit me that I don't even remembered. They gave me a 20% chance of living, and all my kids came. Ashley [Charlotte] Flair came all the way down from China and the Doctor's told her to go say goodbye to your dad. They gave me a 20% of living, and of course I don't remember any of it at the time because I think I already induced the coma, but when I got home and got my phone finally, which they wouldn't give me because still when I first woke up I wasn't necessarily me yet, but i had 376 texts on my phone and I still haven't returned them all."

Flair went on to say that he plans on getting around to thanking everyone for the well-wishes and he aims to get a good deal of that done during WrestleMania week. It's great to know Flair plans on making the trip to New Orleans this year now that he's in better health he probably wouldn't miss it for the world.

What's next

Ric Flair is recovering nicely and has a new lease on life. More challenges might be ahead of him but he's overcome a lot so far. It was great to see how well Flair was able to recover. Now he needs to focus on staying in good health so he can enjoy everything his daughter Charlotte Flair is able to accomplish as she carries on the family legacy.

Author's take

Just the fact Ric Flair didn't realize how important his illness would be to everyone shows a side of The Nature Boy we rarely see. After all, his usual persona displays a bit of a boisterous attitude while he brags about riding in limos and flying in private jets. But the fact Flair didn't realize he would be in our hearts and minds as he dealt with that awful illness shows a humility which we rarely see.

It's just great to be able to have Ric Flair still with us. The fact that he seems to be doing so well is just a huge bonus.

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