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WWE News: Ric Flair Explains Why He Got Kicked Out Of a Bar In Indiana

Weeks after getting kicked out of an Indiana bar, Ric Flair tells his side of the story.

News 22 Apr 2017, 04:50 IST
Rick Flair, “The Nature Boy” with his daughter Charlotte

What’s the story?

When it comes to causing trouble outside of the ring, few wrestlers, if any, have anything on The Nature Boy. However, if you listened to Ric Flair himself’s side of the story – the story in which he was ejected from a bar in Fort Wayne, IN within minutes of arriving. It turns out that this time it was actually the bartender that was being the unruly one. 

The background

Back on April 9th, Flair had been in Fort Wayne for a “Heroes and Legends” event and decided to pop into a local watering hole for some refreshments. Within five minutes of entering The Deck at the Gas House (now there’s a mouthful of a bar name), the conversation between Flair and the bartender got heated to the point that the manager promptly asked the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer to vacate the premises, post-haste. 

The heart of the matter

During an interview with ESPN’s Dan LeBatard, Flair got a chance to tell his side of the story:

“I walked in, said to the guy, ‘Will you please put on the golf tournament?’ It’s only the Masters, right? He said, ‘What do you think this is, a sports bar?’ ‘I didn’t say it was a sports bar, I asked you to put on The Masters.'”

(You’re totally reading this in Ric Flair’s voice, aren’t you? Admit it.)

I had only had one drink, I asked for another drink, he takes the same glass and puts the ice in and starts pouring in the same glass, Sir, doesn’t a premium drink require a new glass?’ And he goes ‘Are you telling me how to bartend?’ And I said, ‘Not if I don’t have to, dumbass.’ ‘Did you call me a dumbass?’ ‘I can call you a dumbass, or a fatass. Both work.'”

Here’s how the local news station, WANE, reported the incident:

Author’s opinion

First off, let’s go ahead and, for argument’s sake, that the bartender didn’t recognise Flair. If this all went down like Flair said it did, this guy has to be the worst bartender in the world. From the look of their Facebook page, The Gas House might not be a “sports bar”, per se`, but come on.... And you always get a new glass when making a drink. That’s bartending 101. Grrrrr, now I’m all fidgety just thinking about it.

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