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WWE News: Ric Flair says he still drinks even after recent health scare

1.84K   //    04 Dec 2018, 08:03 IST

Flair hasn't let his recent health troubles stop him from enjoying his drinks.
Flair hasn't let his recent health troubles stop him from enjoying his drinks.

What's the story?

Ric Flair almost died last year, having suffered a ruptured intestine among other ailments.

Doctors found that the main cause of a lot of his problems was due to the constant drinking he partook in throughout his life.

Even though his doctors advised against it, Flair recently admitted to drinking again after vowing not to following his health issues.

He mentioned his penchant for alcohol when he recently spoke on Steve Austin's podcast. related Flair's story from his appearance on the podcast.

In case you didn't know...

Flair was admitted to a hospital in North Carolina after complaining of abdominal pain in August of 2017.

It was discovered that because of his constant drinking throughout the years, he had caused damage that had been unseen until last August's health scare.

The drinking had become worse since the death of his son, Reid, in 2013.

Since his intestines had ruptured, several other problems could arise and Flair had to deal with all of them.


His doctor said that he had sepsis, renal failure, multiple electrolyte deficiencies, hypoglycemic shock and multi-organ failures.

Flair remarkably overcame all of those things and returned to a somewhat full bill of health.

The heart of the matter

Even though he swore off drinking following his health issues of 2017, Flair admitted on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast that he still drinks occasionally.

“At my daughter’s wedding I had the same or maybe one glass of wine with the champagne and while I was in Florida with Wendy, this past week, we were there for Thanksgiving, I drank about four beers, so it’s not the alcohol that’s gonna hurt me.

He also admitted that he's consistently asked his doctors if it's okay for him to continue drinking.

“It’s that the doctors are afraid that if I have one, that will lead to another, but I have had a drink, so alcohol is not gonna kill me. I’ve never had any hard liquor and that won’t happen, but I have had probably ten or twelve beverages with alcohol in them; beer, wine, or champagne.”

Flair also revealed that he had some champagne at his wedding in September.

What's next?

Flair is a grown man and if he chooses to continue drinking even after his health scare, it's his own choice.

While it is possible that further drinking might not affect him, that's true more so for a person who hasn't had past issues that almost led to his or her death.

Flair has always been a hard partying person, even into his old age. To ask him to slow down now is probably not going to happen. Hopefully, he can either find a happy medium or stop drinking altogether.