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WWE News: Ric Flair talks current WWE locker room scenario, his worst injury and being struck by lightning

According to Flair, things are very different in the locker room from they used to be.

Flair claims to have no regrets about his career

Legendary WWE superstar Ric Flair was recently speaking on the Pardon My Take podcast where he discussed the worst injury he has suffered in his career, how he was struck by lightning once and the present state of the WWE locker room among other things.

During the conversation, Flair revealed an incident wherein his umbrella was struck by lightning and was tossed several feet high in the air. As he turned around wondering what had happened, he realised that the lightning strike deflected off the umbrella and hit the man behind him fatally.

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Here’s what ‘The Nature Boy’ had to say:

“It actually hit my umbrella, but I still consider getting struck by it, it killed the guy behind me. It shot my umbrella about 30-40 feet in the air and I said 'What the hell did that?' I turned around and the lighting had gone from my umbrella and went right through his eye and killed him. Right there in the runway, I'm on a tarmac in Richmond, Virginia.”

Asked about the most painful injury he has suffered during his career, he said that he cannot put anything up as he has been in a plane crash and was also struck by lightning. However, Flair mentioned that he had cracked a C5 bone in his neck while wrestling Dusty Rhodes in 1989. The 16-time world champion said:

“I can't really put anything up, I've been in an airplane crash and hit by lightning. I cracked a C5 in my neck in 1989 wrestling Dusty, but I didn't really feel the pain until the next day.”

One of the questions posed to Ric Flair was about the locker room environment in the WWE at present. In response, he explained that unlike earlier days, the superstars stick to themselves and do not go out together a lot. Most of them prefer to travel alone as opposed to commuting in each other’s company.

‘The Dirtiest Player In The Game’ was quoted as saying:

“The guys pretty much stay to themselves, lot of video games, social media. The guys don't go out like they used to. It's just different times...Lot of the guys travel by themselves, rather than four guys raisin' hell, driving down the road, it's just different times.”

On being asked if he had any regrets about his wrestling career, Flair claimed to have none. According to him, it becomes difficult if an athlete starts to think about what he or she is doing or the consequences of it so he has never been like that.

“I really can't say that I did [have regrets], the problem with being an athlete, the minute you start thinking about what you're doing, or what you're about to do, or the consequences, you shouldn't be doing it and I never lived life like that,” Ric Flair stated.

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