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WWE News: Ric Flair's Manager reports that he's awake and communicating

Do we finally have some good news for the Nature Boy?

Ric Flair

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has been undergoing some serious health issues over the week. Caused by a blockage in his colon. Flair had been placed in a medically-induced coma until an operation could be performed. While we were able to report that the surgery was successful, there was still a long way to go for him,

Thankfully, we can report that he seems to be doing significantly better. In a tweet posted by his manager, Melinda Zanoni, has tweeted out that the Hall of Famer is awake and communicating...

This is significantly better, but as Zanoni says, the 16-time world champion still needs a lot of rest and medical care before he;s back on his feet.

Flair has been in the hospital since last weekend, in what was at first thought to be a heart issue. Both Raw and Smackdown offered updates, and we expect to hear during tomorrow's SummerSlam broadcast. We here at Sportskeeda Wrestling offer our best wishes to the Nature Boy - glad to see you're awake, champ, and get on your feet soon!

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