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WWE News: Road Dogg defends Roman Reigns

Crowd in Germany goes wild for Roman Reigns

News 27 Feb 2017, 16:20 IST
Road Dogg was all praise for Roman Reigns’ spear

What’s the story?

Road Dogg, who is now the head of writing at WWE Smackdown tweeted about the favourable reaction that Roman Reigns received from the German crowd during a live show in Regensburg over the weekend according to Not only did he admire the former WWE Champion’s finishing move but defended the crowd’s reaction as well when a Twitter user pointed out they were just kids.

In case you didn’t know...

The anti-establishment WWE fans in U.S.A. loathe Reigns for his apparent push within the promotion and openly jeer at Vince McMahon’s poster boy at every show. The WWE has even been accused of editing crowd reaction during his entrances and performances. 

While hardcore fans see no value in Reigns and his current gimmick, young adults and children are more receptive to the Big Dog and cheer him on regularly.

The heart of the matter

At a live event in Regensburg, Germany the crowd went wild for Reigns when he speared Braun Strowman through an upright table inside the ring. Road Dogg took to Twitter to point out the excited response from the crowd.

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When a user pointed out that majority of the audience was comprised of children, Road Dogg had his own response. He pointed out that the kids were brought by their parents who also purchased tickets.

What’s next?

While Roman Reigns can draw crowds outside the U.S.A, he is not at all liked by the larger fan base within the country. Reigns has failed to capture their interest with his present gimmick and something has to give if the tide of popular opinion has to turn in his favour.

Sportskeeda's take

The Roman Reigns experiment has to end if the WWE wants to stop frustrating its fans. The only way forward is to turn Reigns heel in a manner that will re-invent him in the eyes of the fans.

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